Open-minded, communicative and resourceful Software Engineer with significant experience looking to secure an interesting and challenging role within the ranks of a solid organization. Professional solution delivery from design to implementation. Glad to prototype and test new approaches. Team leadership and project coordination experience available if required. Eager to learn and always willing to help.


Ruby and Rails backends supported by SJR and frontend tweaking provided by Coffescript and jQuery


Creating frontends using HAML/ERB and SASS/SCSS rendered to HTML5 and CSS3 respectively


Git essentially equals SCM, so Git powered SCM servers are a preffered way to remotly store the codebase


Be that the CLI, client library or ORM I am able to utilize the above data storage solutions


Sharing work through Google Apps, chatting on Slack, moving cards on Trello or creating wikis on Confluence


Text editors, decent web development tools and an image processing tool are a web developers good friends


macOS workstation and Linux servers, choosing command line over GUI for most tasks


Deploy code to the cloud, Docker or bare metal powered by Linux and efficient web and application serving


Docker based continuous deployment platform

Docker based multi environment (Ruby, Java, C#) CD system. Triggered by webhooks from SCM servers and build systems. Handling of background and recurring tasks.
Application Designer and Developer

Intellectual Property Tracking

Web UI, backend and microservices designed to search and report video content IP.

Video on Demand Platform

Maintaining a Ruby backend of a Video on Demand platform.

SMS and Voice Messaging Platform

Continuous work on a multi purpose messaging platform.
Team Leader and Developer

MVNE Billing System

Billing system producing records based on CDR/EDR gathered from an MNO for multiple MVNO's
Application Designer and Developer

SMS feedback gathering platform

Backend responsible for receiving SMS and Rails web UI to read, organize and export messages
Application Designer and Developer

Premium Rate SMS number handling

A module for an SMSC system verifying if a given MSISDN number is permitted to send a specific category of PR SMS.
Application Designer and Developer

APIs for customer SMS integrations

Several SMS sending APIs using HTTP and file input
Application Designer and Developer